Glen and Jim Sr - NH Redline Officials

Dr. Joe Leahy & Sokolski Brothers

The revised hockey guidance per the Governor of NH states that all hockey players, coaches, volunteers must have a negative Covid test between 10/15 and 11/5 in order to return to the ice. Documentation will be required.  Please email documentation to prior to November 6th.

We know there will be high numbers of people getting tested so in an effort to allow enough time to get tested and get results we will start back up on Monday November 9th.

For those who opt out during the COVID issue, or you decide not to get tested you will not be able to play and no refund will be provided.

Addition rules for return…

The Conway Arena has installed an electronic screening system with a temperature reader that EVERYONE will be required to complete EVERY game upon entering the Arena.  You will need your phone to complete the process.  You will need a QR code, available here CONWAY ARENA DAILY SCREENING  This code is valid for 24 hours.  Scan the code and follow the instructions.  If your temperature is elevated you will not be allowed to enter. 

You will be allowed to enter 15 minutes prior to games and will need to exit within 15 minutes after the game.  We know this is difficult for goalies but please try to do as much dressing before coming to the game. 

Showers will be available. 

Masks MUST be worn throughout the building INCLUDING in the locker room.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Masks are not required during play. 

All players MUST dress in the locker rooms.

Do NOT ask Rick or any other employee of the Conway Arena for any exceptions.  These are rules mandated by the state.  Failure to follow these rules will result in losing our ice. 

      Eric Sokolski & Steve Maffee

 Scoundrels Outcome for the Winter Season 2021-22 

             Team with the most points:  Maroon

             Team with the most goals:   Maroon

            Goalie least goals against:   Nev/Baby Joe

           Player with the most goals:   Dominic DeMatteo

         Player with the most assists:  Garrett Mello

          Player with the most points:  R. Vandergraaf

     Scoundrel of the Season with the most penalty's !! 

                                TOM FITZ!!!        ​         

                             WEEK OF MAY 30th  2022

     5-30     NO-GAME                   Nashua ~ Conway ~ 6:10am

     6-1    Maroon vs Teal           Hudson ~ Cyclones ~ 6:10am

     6-2   Orange vs Purple           Nashua ~ Conway ~ 6:10am

                             WEEK OF JUNE 6TH 2022

     6-6   Purple vs Gray               Nashua ~ Conway ~ 6:10am

     6-8   Maroon vs Green         Hudson ~ Cyclones ~ 6:10am

​     6-9   Orange vs Yellow           Nashua ~ Conway ~ 6:10am ​​


        4-4​          Purple8 vs Yellow 9 

         4-6        Maroon 6 vs Green 10

         4-7          Orange 7 vs Gray 2

         4-11     Purple10 vs Maroon 4

         4-13     Yellow 6 vs Gray 10

         4-14       Orange 1 vs Green 7 

         4-18      Purple 9 vs Green 12  

         4-20     Maroon 7 vs Gray 13

         4-21     Orange 5 vs Yellow 10

         4-25       Purple 9 vs Gray 2

         4-27    Yellow 7 vs Green 12

         4-28   Orange 10 vs Maroon 1

         5-2       Purple 7 vs Orange 2

         5-4       Maroon 6 vs Yellow 10

         5-5        Green 11 vs Gray ​7

         5-9      Yellow6 vsPurple 13

​         5-11       Maroon 4 vs Gray 9

         5-12      Orange 5 vs Green 2

         5-16    Purple 11 vs Maroon 8

         5-18     Yellow 6 vs Green 14

         5-19      Orange 3 vs Gray 1

         5-23     Purple 5 vs Green 10

         5-25      Yellow 0 vs Gray 9

         5-26    Orange 6 vs Maroon 3

​Ken Lupien.

​John Joyce

Congratulations to Gray the New Champions Winter 22'

Mike Adams

Mike Frost

3 Generations - Bard Salmon, Jeff, AJ and Chris Gordon

We will follow all set safety rules set by Conway

  • No Guests allowed, only players
  • When enter see Joe for waivers to sign
  • See Joe to initial scoresheet by your name indicating you’ve read the Covid-19 statement and agree
  • See Mike for invoice and to pay.  (All invoices were emailed to players yesterday.  If no balance you don’t have to see Mike).
  • See Leon for jersey.  Do not handle other jerseys.
  • Bring and drink only from your own initialed water bottle
  • Do not turn in your winter league shirts unless you are not playing this fall
  • Go to your locker room with your color on the door​
  • full team in locker room 
  • enter and exit thru different doors
  • masks on when enter and leave rink
  • masks ON IN locker room
  • no food
  •  resurface between games
  • 15 min to dress, 15 to shower 
  • no social time in rink
  • two 40 min games each day, 8 TEAMS​
  • resurface between games


    FUSA Hockey Trips Update:

Check out the Newfoundland Trip.  Info on Newfoundland page.
         Most importantly, we hope all of you are healthy and staying safe!

Kevin Burns

​​NH Redline Hockey League

We are an adult organized MORNING ice hockey league .

We do our best to balance teams so all have a fair chance to win!

If interested or have a question email us at

Nashua/Hudson League

    Father Steve and Son Patrick Rheaume

Adam and Jeff Harnish - Brothers