RESULTS Week of Feb 24th

Maroon 8 vs RED 1

White 7 vs Kelly Green 8

Teal 6 vs Orange 2

Dk Green 5 vs Gray 7

RED 5 vs Blue 7 

Gold 4 vs Black 5

​​NH Redline Hockey League

We are an adult organized MORNING ice hockey league .

We do our best to balance teams so all have a fair chance to win!

If interested or have a question email us at

Nashua/Tyngsboro League



RESULTS Week of March 9th

Maroon 6 vs Kelly Green 5

Orange 5 vs Black 9

Gold 2 vs Dk Green 7

Blue 6 vs Gray 7 OT Penalty Shot

Red 11 vs White 5

RESULTS Week of Feb 10TH

Maroon 3 vs Dk Green 5 

Blue 11 vs Orange 8

White 9 vs Dk Green 4

Red 5 vs Black 3

Gold 5 vs Kelly Green 4 OT

  Teal 3 vs Gray 8

Im quarantined at Nevs Shop.

Wave at me if you walk by.

RESULTS Week of Jan 6th

Maroon 9 vs Kelly Green 7

Orange 6 vs Black 5

White 5 vs Red 6

Blue 10 vs Gray 5

Teal 5 vs Gold 6

Dk Green 5 vs Kelly Green 3

To Our Redline Hockey Family,
NH Redline has been monitoring any announcement and/or restrictions in regards to the Coronavirus outbreak. As of now Skate 3 and Conway areboth closed for 2-3 more weeks. We will not be able to re-open and complete the remainder of the Winter Season until we are allowed and it is deemed safe to do so. Please stay healthy, our wish to you and your families.  We will continue to heed govt regulations and communicate any updates related to our league.
Wishing you all the best.
NH Redline Hockey Staff

For Fun...

Send us some pics of you from

the past, your beginnings as a

Future NNHL player!


RESULTS Week of Jan 13th

Maroon 6 vs Black 4

Dk Green 8 vs Blue 3

Gray 6 vs Orange 5 OT

Red 5 vs Gold 0

Black 7 vs Kelly Green 4 

White 9 vs Teal 6

SCHEDULE Week of March 16

G A M E S   C A N C E L L E D

Monday Mar 16 Conway - Maroon vs Black 7

Thursday, Mar 19 Conway - Kelly Green vs Dk Green

Thursday, Mar 19 SK83 - Orange vs Gray,

Red vs Gold, Blue vs White

For Fun...

Share some funny hockey experiences 

with us.  I have a couple......

*Remember the guy knicknamed OAK TREE?

Yup, big guy.  Didn't make hockey pants to fit

him he was so big, anyway i'm standing outside the scorebooth pre-game and he lopes by me and gallantly jumps on the ice, unfortunately his skate guards were still on.  OUCH.

* I know most of you remember Dave Lauze.  He was

another big strong dude.  Didn't mess with him, and any D that attempted to block his slap shot was N U T S.  Anyway i was in the booth and he was given a penalty.  He was not happy about it, innocent, i 'm sure.....well, he took a 2-hander to the scorebooth plexiglass and  my head was spinning for hours. Funny now, not then.

RESULTS Week of Feb 17TH

Maroon 3 vs GOLD 8

Teal 9 vs Black 6

Red vs Kelly Green 6

White 6 vs Gray 13

Dk Green 6 vs Orange 3

  GOLD 8 vs Blue 5

RESULTS Week of March 2nd

Maroon 6 vs White 4

Dk Green 6 vs Black 4

Gold 5 vs Gray 7

Red 12 vs Orange 9 

Blue 3 vs Kelly Green 5

RESULTS Week of Feb 2nd

Maroon 4 vsBlue

Gray 2 vs Kelly Green 8

Blue 2 vs Teal 7

Gold 6 vs Orange 4

White 2 vs Black 12

  Red 8 vs Dk Green 0

RESULTS Week of Jan 27th

Maroon9 vs Gray 5

White 10 vs Gold 5

Blue 4 vs Black 5 OT

Teal 3 vs Dk Green 5

Red 5 vs Gray 2

Orange 6 vs Kelly Green 7

RESULTS Week of Jan 20th

Maroon 2 VS Orange 9

Teal 2 vs Red 7

Gold 7 vs DK Green 4

Blue 4 vs Kelly Green 5 OT

White 4 vs Orange 9

Gray 7 vs Black 5