Chris Dewitt

Mike Adams

            Scoundrels Outcome for the Fall Season 2022

    "Photo's soon from the Championship game for Fall/Winter"

                                   ~ Sorry for the delay ~


                  Team with the most points:  ORANGE

                  Team with the most goals:   ORANGE

                 Goalie least goals against:  K. Depace

              Player with the most goals: R. Vandergraaf 

              Player with the most assists: B. Twomey

             Player with the most points: R. Vandergraaf

        Scoundrel of the Season with the most penalty's!!

  We have a few Scoundrel's this Season: It's not a Race lol

​   Max Betten, Adam Harnish, Chris Dewitt, John Picinich & 
                                  G. Mandragouras

      Eric Sokolski & Steve Maffee

M. Teneirello

Winning Team Summer 2022

          Game Results Winter 2023

    1-16     Purple 4 VSYellow9 

    ​1-18      Green 9 VS Black 4

    1-19   Orange 11 VS Maroon 14 

​    1-19       White9 VSGray 3 

     1-23    Purple 7 VS Green 4

     1-25     Gray 7 VS Maroon 2

     1-26   Orange 6 VS White 8

     1-26    Black 7 VS  Yellow 9    

​Ken Lupien.

    Father Steve and Son Patrick Rheaume

J. Harnish

3 Generations - Bard Salmon, Jeff, AJ and Chris Gordon

​T. Sokolski

Dr. Joe Leahy & Sokolski Brothers

Kevin Burns

Mike Frost

                              WEEK OF JANUARY 30TH 2023!!! ​

    1-30   Purple VS Black                    ~ Conway ~ Nashua 6:10am

     2-1   Green VS Yellow                   ~ Cyclones ~ Hudson 6:10am

     2-2    Orange VS Gray                     ~Conway ~ Nashua 6:10am

     2-2   White VS Maroon                  ~Cyclones ~ Hudson 6:10am   

Adam and Jeff Harnish - Brothers

Dwayne Davis

We will follow all set safety rules set by Conway

  • No Guests allowed, only players
  • When enter see Joe for waivers to sign
  • See Joe to initial scoresheet by your name indicating you’ve read the Covid-19 statement and agree
  • See Mike for invoice and to pay.  (All invoices were emailed to players yesterday.  If no balance you don’t have to see Mike).
  • See Leon for jersey.  Do not handle other jerseys.
  • Bring and drink only from your own initialed water bottle
  • Do not turn in your winter league shirts unless you are not playing this fall
  • Go to your locker room with your color on the door​
  • full team in locker room 
  • enter and exit thru different doors
  • masks on when enter and leave rink
  • masks ON IN locker room
  • no food
  •  resurface between games
  • 15 min to dress, 15 to shower 
  • no social time in rink
  • two 40 min games each day, 8 TEAMS​
  • resurface between games


    FUSA Hockey Trips Update:

         Most importantly, we hope all of you are healthy and staying safe!

Jon, Tom & Mike

​John Joyce

D. Bisonnette

Glen and Jim Sr - NH Redline Officials

​​​NH Redline Hockey League

We are an adult organized MORNING ice hockey league .

We do our best to balance teams so all have a fair chance to win!

If interested or have a question email us at

Nashua/Hudson League