TOP ROW STANDING: Dave Gaudet, Steve Wall, Matt Morse, 

Player/Coach Mike Jerzylo, Scott Penney, Jake Penney, Keegan Penney,

KNEELING: Chris Riccio, Mark Leger, Jon Komarek,

Misty Seppala, Josh Ackernecht

SCHEDULE Week Twelve Nov 18 - 22


Gray  vs Blue


Dk Green vs Red


Gold vs Purple


Orange vs Black

Maroon vs Kelly Green

Teal vs White


1. Did you step on a nest of pucks?

2. the MRI confirmed you have a disease called Puckmagnet-itus

​3. Mike called, he wants his pucks back! 

4. thats whatcha get for wearing white hockey skates.​​

5. If i were on a woman's hockey team and you walked by my locker room with only shorts on, I'd throw a puck at you too.

RESULTS Week Two Sept 9-13

Gray 4 vs Black 5

Red 8 vs Teal 1

White 1 vs Orange 6

Purple 1 vs Maroon 2

Kelly Green 0 vs Blue 6

​Dark Green 1 vs Gold 7

NH Redline wishes Joe Iozzo Sr

Happy 80th!

The Patriots may have Tom Brady

But we have this OLD GOAT!

Fellow Scoundrels: 

After 73 years playing hockey, the time has come to “hang ’em up”. In thinking back on my best memories of hockey, there are two periods. Playing Varsity Ice Hockey at MIT which peaked my passion for playing the game. And, playing with the Scoundrels and associated games which made me never want to quit. My wife and love Cindy has been supportive and attended many of my games for the last 61 years,
Some of the things I like and remember about Scoundrels Hockey:

  • Flying to Europe with the team and finding a 20+ pound rock in my hockey bag
  • Driving Mike Chase to games in Canada and having to make pit stops every 50 minutes.
  • Balanced teams that change every season
  • Trip to the Ice Road in Canada and playing hockey with temperatures outside of minus 40 degrees
  • Personally getting plenty of time in the Penalty Box
  • A no arguing Dictatorship where fighting is outlawed
  • Red, White and Blue games where you know the winner before the first puck drops
  • Finding out that Mike Chase is from a long line of Trolls
  • Learning that perfectly good hockey shirts are only worth $2.
  • Trip to Ireland, visiting Belfast, and witnessing Johnny K clearing a bus with a cloud in under 10 seconds
  • Most important – the many friends I have made during the 16 years playing in this community. 

Thank you for the honor of the “Season of Bard”. It has been a truly great time and honor to play hockey with all of you. Thank you!
Stop in and visit us in our new abode. I will even let you try out my walker.



RESULTS Week Six Oct 7-11

Gray 1 Orange 5

Black 8 Purple 6

Maroon 3 Red 2

Gold 5 Blue 1

White 9 Dk Green 5

Teal 7 Kelly Green 4

RESULTS Week Four Sept 23 - 27

Gray 7 vs Maroon 4

Kelly Green 6 vs Orange 4

Dk Green 12 vs Black 9

Red 5 vs White 4 OT

Purple 6 vs Gold 3

Teal 5 vs Blue 3

We have openings on teams.

Please email us if you would like to 

​join a team on the BEST league around!

This is the Season of Bard

​See his message to us below:

RESULTS Week Nine Oct 28-Nov 1

Gray 10 Gold 7

Orange 7 Blue 6 

Kelly Green 9 Red 5

Maroon 7 White 5

Dark Green 7 Purple 4

Black 5 Teal 2

RESULTS Week Eleven Nov 11- Nov 15

Gray 1 Dk Green 7

Blue 4 Red 4 OT 

Teal 4 Orange 4 OT

Kelly Green 5 Black 1

Gold 3 Maroon 7

Purple 8 White 5

RESULTS Week Five Sept 30-Oct 4

Gray 8 vs Purple 7 OT

Teal 6 Gold 3

Orange 7 Red 3

Black 4 White 3

Maroon 6 Blue 4

Dark Green 11 Kelly Green 4

RESULTS Week Seven Oct 14-18

Gray 7 White 3

Kelly Green 3 Gold 2

Black 4 Blue 2

Teal 8 Dark Green 7 OT

Purple 5 Red 4 

Orange 6 Maroon 6 after OT

RESULTS Week Three Sept 16-20

Gray 1 vs Kelly Green 2

Gold 4 vs White 1

Purple 6 vs Teal 5

Black 6 vs Maroon 5 OT

Blue 4 vs Red 0

Orange 10 vs Dk Green 4

RESULTS Week Eight Oct 21-25

Gray 4 Teal 12

Gold 3 Orange 2 OT

Maroon 9 Dk Green 7

Blue 9 Purple 0

Red 5 Black 4

White 9 Kelly Green 2

RESULTS Week Ten Nov 4- Nov 7

Gray 6 Red 5 OT

Maroon 6 Teal 3 

Blue 5 White 2

Gold 5 Black 5 OT

Purple 8 Kelly Green 3

Dk Green 7 Orange 4

NH Redline Hockey League

We are an adult organized MORNING ice hockey league .

The only time we don't play in the morning is our Spring Championship Game at Conway!

if interested or have a question email us at

Nashua/Tyngsboro League

RESULTS Week One Sept 2-6

Blue 6 vs Dk Green 3

Red 6 vs Gold 4

Teal  6 vs White 7

Orange 7 vs Purple 5

Maroon 6 vs Kelly Green 5  in OT