James Medeiros

Standing L-R   Mike Sampson, Steve Wall, Paul J Conroy,

Paul S Conroy, Brian Irwin, Dwayne Davis, James Medeiros

Kneeling L-R   Brian Glanville, Joe Gustitus, Joe Leahy,

Walter Abucewicz

NH Redline Hockey League

We are an adult organized MORNING ice hockey league .

We do our best to balance teams so all have a fair chance to win!

If interested or have a question email us at

Nashua/Tyngsboro League  scoundrels@nhredlinehockey.com

Brian Glanville





more later

Paul S Conroy

RESULTS Week of Jan 13th

Maroon 6 vs Black 4

Dk Green 8 vs Blue 3

Gray 6 vs Orange 5 OT

Red 5 vs Gold 0

Black 7 vs Kelly Green 4 

White 9 vs Teal 6

Steve Wall

RESULTS Week of Feb 2nd

Maroon 4 vsBlue

Gray 2 vs Kelly Green 8

Blue 2 vs Teal 7

Gold 6 vs Orange 4

White 2 vs Black 12

  Red 8 vs Dk Green 0

James Medeiros

RESULTS Week of Feb 17TH

Maroon 3 vs GOLD 8

Teal 9 vs Black 6

Red vs Kelly Green 6

White 6 vs Gray 13

Dk Green 6 vs Orange 3

  GOLD 8 vs Blue 5

Brian Irwin

SCHEDULE Week of Feb 24TH

Monday Feb 24 Conway -Maroon vs RED

Wednesday, Feb 26 SK83 - White vs Kelly Green

Thursday, Feb 27 Conway - Teal vs Orange

Thursday, Feb 27 SK83 - Dk Green vs Gray

RED vs Blue, Gold vs Black

NH Redline wishes Joe Iozzo Sr

Happy 80th!

The Patriots may have Tom Brady

But we have this OLD GOAT!

Mike Sampson

Paul J Conroy

RESULTS Week of Jan 20th

Maroon 2 VS Orange 9

Teal 2 vs Red 7

Gold 7 vs DK Green 4

Blue 4 vs Kelly Green 5 OT

White 4 vs Orange 9

Gray 7 vs Black 5

Dwayne Davis

Joe Leahy

Joe Gustitus

Fellow Scoundrels: 

After 73 years playing hockey, the time has come to “hang ’em up”. In thinking back on my best memories of hockey, there are two periods. Playing Varsity Ice Hockey at MIT which peaked my passion for playing the game. And, playing with the Scoundrels and associated games which made me never want to quit. My wife and love Cindy has been supportive and attended many of my games for the last 61 years,
Some of the things I like and remember about Scoundrels Hockey:

  • Flying to Europe with the team and finding a 20+ pound rock in my hockey bag
  • Driving Mike Chase to games in Canada and having to make pit stops every 50 minutes.
  • Balanced teams that change every season
  • Trip to the Ice Road in Canada and playing hockey with temperatures outside of minus 40 degrees
  • Personally getting plenty of time in the Penalty Box
  • A no arguing Dictatorship where fighting is outlawed
  • Red, White and Blue games where you know the winner before the first puck drops
  • Finding out that Mike Chase is from a long line of Trolls
  • Learning that perfectly good hockey shirts are only worth $2.
  • Trip to Ireland, visiting Belfast, and witnessing Johnny K clearing a bus with a cloud in under 10 seconds
  • Most important – the many friends I have made during the 16 years playing in this community. 

Thank you for the honor of the “Season of Bard”. It has been a truly great time and honor to play hockey with all of you. Thank you!
Stop in and visit us in our new abode. I will even let you try out my walker.

RESULTS Week of Jan 27th

Maroon9 vs Gray 5

White 10 vs Gold 5

Blue 4 vs Black 5 OT

Teal 3 vs Dk Green 5

Red 5 vs Gray 2

Orange 6 vs Kelly Green 7

a PIC from our first season....so long ago we played by candlelight. (thank GOD, cuz i look the best in the dark!. Hmm kind of grainy but i see.....

Standing, Blind Ref Holmberg, Farmer John, Leon Luksha, Bard Salmon, Roland Harris, Brian Glanville, Jeff Gordon, Ref Amato, Tom Oflaherty, Kneeling, Steve Wall, Greg Amato, Scoundrella, Joe Leahy,

Eric Lantz, Dan Chaput

Walter Abucewicz

    I would like to take this opportunity to Thank all of my NH Redline Hockey Players and Staff for helping me celebrate my 80th  Birthday in great style.

    The gifts that I received were very generous and huge.  I want to take a minute to say that the gifts are great, but it’s knowing that you are appreciated and treated with respect throughout the years that really means a lot, and is the best Gifts that a person can receive, and that money can’t buy.

     Due to my Hockey family, I have been given 11 years, 4 months, and 21 Days as of Sunday 11/24, but who’s counting.   


The Dedication and Love, that I received on that fateful day was overwhelming.
     I am in the best health that an 80 year old can only hope to be in.  One last thing I would like to say is that I truly miss playing Hockey with you all, but my mornings with you all, and doing what I do, makes it all worthwhile.
     Thank you all again my friends, and I Love you all.

Old Joe Iozzo

RESULTS Week of Jan 6th

Maroon 9 vs Kelly Green 7

Orange 6 vs Black 5

White 5 vs Red 6

Blue 10 vs Gray 5

Teal 5 vs Gold 6

Dk Green 5 vs Kelly Green 3


With 24 hours notice via email that you will miss a

game we have time to find a sub and you will get $10 

credit ($15 if injured).  The 24 hours should

give us time to help out your team by finding a sub.

League Games are ON

unless rink closes

due to snow. They 

rarely close, hockey

is a winter sport.  

If the rink/s close

a notice will be 

posted here around


RESULTS Week of Feb 10TH

Maroon 3 vs Dk Green 5 

Blue 11 vs Orange 8

White 9 vs Dk Green 4

Red 5 vs Black 3

Gold 5 vs Kelly Green 4 OT

  Teal 3 vs Gray 8