"Fire Crackers"

        Joe Laperriere     

         Jeff Harnish

       Peter Murphy

      James Medeiros

       Adam Harnish

         Bill Nareski

       Tom Sokolski

       Chris Dewitt

     G. Mandragouras

      Tom Levasseur

        Kyle Depace

July 2021 Teams 


           "Hot Shots"

          Kell Kirtly

         Sean Foote

    Jeff Chapdelaine

       Paul S. Conroy

         Jeff Gordon

           Jon Dias

        Mike Harney

        Johnny Olsen

          Tim Burns

          Dave Marr

      Baby Joe Iozzo

     MON TEAM           Teal

      "Making Waves"

    Reed Vandergraaf

       Garrett Mello

      Erick Anderson

    Russell Kilpatrick

      John Klement

         Phil Grisafi

       Kevin Burns

          Kyle Reid

      Joe Simonson

       Paul J. Conroy

      Ron Normandin    

      Yellow​ ​ 

       "Sunny Daze"  

       Mike Teneriello

    Dominic DeMatteo

     Eric Bringardner

         Nate John

     Dennis Gagne

      Joe Gustitus

        Al Bourque

      Mike Sampson

      Darrell Amell 


      Brian Dallmeyer    

Dark Green

      "Splash Squad"

     Brian Glanville

    Patrick Rheaume

    George Schutka

      Jon Komerek

     Brian Harris

      Ken Lupien

      Eric Sokolski

     John Picinich

      Peter Myette

       John Joyce

  Shaun McDermott​​


          "Heat Wave"

          Jay Bryan

          Mike Frost​ 

​       James Gabriel

       Ken Weintraub

       Dennis Chaput

     Rick LeBourdais

         Mark Leger

       Leon Luksha

         Aaron Arlan


              MUD  ​    

We will follow all set safety rules set by state and individual rinks.  Social Distancing in the rink by splitting up teams to use 2 locker rooms each.  Rules at the rink will be:

  • No Guests allowed, only players
  • When enter see Joe for waivers to sign
  • See Joe to initial scoresheet by your name indicating you’ve read the Covid-19 statement and agree
  • See Mike for invoice and to pay.  (All invoices were emailed to players yesterday.  If no balance you don’t have to see Mike).
  • See Leon for jersey.  Do no handle other jerseys.
  • Bring and drink only from your own initialed water bottle
  • Do not turn in your winter league shirts unless you are not playing this fall
  • Go to your locker room with your color on the door​
  • full team in locker room 
  • enter and exit thru different doors
  • masks on when enter and leave rink
  • masks ON IN locker room
  • no food
  •  resurface between games
  • 15 min to dress, 15 to shower 
  • no social time in rink
  • two 40 min games each day, 8 TEAMS
  • resurface between games