CARHA World Cup 2020

The tournament will be help March 29 to April 5, 2020 in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.  I have entered and paid deposit on 2 teams, a 50+ and a 60+, IF THEY HAVE AVAILABILITY TO ACCOMODATE US.  I am working with them on this issue.   My contact, Rueben Greenspan, who had all my contact data and had told me I could have 2, possibly 3 teams, has left CARHA.  They did not have my current email address or information. 

Your date of birth must be dated 1970 or earlier on your passport for the 50+, or 1960 or earlier for the 60+.  There are no exceptions.  I need a minimun of 11 skaters and goalie registered.  I will accept 2 60+ and 1 50+ goalie so I have a backup for both teams.  I will accept 12 skaters per team as someone always backs out late.  Note, no money refunds are possible.  You will owe what I have specified must be paid by the day you drop out and this activity requires early payment.  This is a full week event.  If you lose, you may leave after the last of your games on Friday.

As usual I will set up an event the Saturday before and a couple of special events during the tournament.  It may be possible for me to change the age group by 5 years if needed.
This is a really special event.  Lots of great teams there.  We have a really good time.  Let me know you are interested with a $250 deposit.  This will be returned if we are not accepted.  Our team name is Fitchburg USA 50. (or 60)

Total cost will be around $1600 for a player and $1300 for a guest which does not include the flight there.