League Information - Due to COVID the League Procedures will be adjusted and not exact to what is below.

We are a morning league. Games start around 610 or 620am. Games end around 730am. Most of our league games are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays


We play at Conway Arena in Nashua NH and Cyclones Arena in Hudson NH. However if a rink closes due to maintenance we may have had to utilize ice time at other local arena's.


We have 3 Seasons, Fall (Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec) Winter (Jan, Feb, Mar, April, some of May) Summer (some of May, June, July, August). In the Fall and the Winter Seasons we try to keep each roster with 10 skaters and a goalie. During the summer season we fill each roster with 11 skaters and a goalie.


We have one MOSTLY Monday team. This team will play each game of the regular season on Monday Morning at Conway Arena in Nashua. The only exceptions are playoff games, when Conway closes for maintenance, if we need to make up a game cancelled for weather issues or when there are Monday Holidays. Depending on how many teams we have in the league that season playoff games could be on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday. All other teams are Mostly Thursday teams. Each week one of these teams will have their game on Monday against the Mostly Monday team. Depending on how many teams we have in the league that season, a Mostly Thursday team could have 1, 2 or 3 games on a Monday for that season. The playoff schedule also could have them playing on a Monday. It all depends on where in the standings a team ends up at the end of the regular season. (note - due to the amount of ice surfaces available on a given day of the week, once we had to have a Mostly Wednesday team due to league growth)


Our policy is to try and balance each team to keep the league as even as possible. We believe each team should feel they can compete with the next team. This is not a promise. We do our best and sometimes due to players not showing up for a game, injuries or lack of team chemistry, this just does not work out. We try to keep family players together each season, however sometimes we may have to split them up. We do not allow for the same guys (unrelated) to play on the same team each season if their skills and position will make a difference or prevent us from balancing teams. If players are in the league long enough they will play on the same team as their best friends plenty of times.

We WELCOME players of all skill levels.


During the Fall and Winter Seasons we will call in subs to fill in when needed and keep the rosters at 10. During the Summer season, since we have 11 and a goalie on each team we only get a sub if 2 guys are out. The cost to sub is $15 at this time, for players who are only subs and not in the league on a team. We also utilize league players to sub, for example if their game that week is on Monday, we can ask them to sub on Thursday and the cost to them is $10, at this time.


At Conway Arena the games are 3 15 minute stop time periods. If there is a scheduled game or practice after our ice time at Conway we may need to run 13 min periods in order to be off the ice on time. Conway Arena provides the scorekeepers. If, at either rink, the game ends in a tie score there will be one 4 minute run time 4 on 4 overtime period. Note - If a game starts late the length of the 3rd period and/or the length of overtime may be adjusted by the scorekeepers at either rink to insure we are off the ice at our allotted time. Games are supposed to start at 610am. The one exception to that is the Summer League at Conway Arena. At a certain point in the summer games will need to start at 610am in order to be able to get a full 3 periods in before the ice rental has to be turned over to other contracted customers. In the playoffs we need to make decisions on time based on the time the games start. Most of the time we will be able to have an OT of 4 on 4 then 3 on 3 running time. If still no score a shootout will determine the winner.


At both arena's minor penalties are 2:00, double minors are 4:00 and majors are 5 minutes long, a misconduct is half a period long. At the referees discretion a player could get an accompanying game misconduct or an additional game misconduct could be assessed after the League Commissioner reviews the incident. Misconducts are half a period long and the team will not be shorthanded for this time. Any player serving 4 penalties in the same game will be dismissed from that game at the time the 4th penalty is called.

Our league does not tolerate any physical or verbal aggressiveness towards other players, officials or management In any manner. Depending on the severity of the act, a game (or more) misconduct could be given. A player could be asked to leave the league in some instances, and if so may be reimbursed for any fees already paid to cover the games they will miss.

The clock will run during any misticuffs or on ice wrestling and roughing incidents in which play cannot continue. In addition the clock will run if a player insists on arguing with an official and interfere with playing time for others. Any official may be approached un-aggressively after the game with any questions or concerns you may have.

An unsportsmanlike player penalty will be called for any player that slams the bench or penalty box doors, or if they take any action that could damage the property at the rink. Our league is liable for damages.

A player must have a helmet with a face mask that includes a strap that goes through the chin piece to hold the mask tight, that is enough. If no strap or unfastened strap the player will get a warning.  On third warning a player will get a 10 minute misconduct penalty.


It is each players responsibility to check the website for their game schedule on a weekly basis.  The league does send out email reminders as a courtesy.

****We have a number of female players in the league.  Please observe the following;

  • We ask that female players not use the same locker rooms as the male players.  
  • At skate 3 we ask that female players not use the hallway that goes by the males's locker rooms/showers between the red and white rinks.
  • At skate 3 locker room Z is reserved for the females.  No males allowed.  
  • At Conway the North Locker room is reserved for the females. No males allowed.
  • We ask that all players watch their language and be respectful.

Each situation will be evaluated as violation may also result in a penalty up to and including termination from the league.

Enforcement will be done by an official NHRedlineHockeyLLC representative: John Klement, Kristine McCormack, Leon Luksha,
 and Joe Iozzo Sr. 


 NH Redline Hockey LLC, PO Box 1019, Greenville, NH 03048